Some criminal zodiac signs are more likely to be criminal than others. For example, the Scorpio is less likely to become a serial killer than a Gemini, who is the sign of intellectualism. However, both signs are within the range of those who might commit crimes. Despite being known for their impulsivity, Geminis may not necessarily be attracted to crime. Instead, they are creative and inexplicably charming, and they know they can capture people’s attention.

Another sign that is not likely to become a criminal is Cancer. Although the Cancer is a caring sign, it does not enjoy killing, so it’s unlikely that a house that is ruled by a Cancer will become a crime den. Cancers are also prone to growing too attached to loved ones and might not want to abandon them if they are going down a criminal path. Therefore, they should be cautious and consider their actions before letting loved ones fall into a dangerous situation.

Criminal zodiac signs like Scorpios are prone to embezzlement, fraud, and forgery. Leos are also known for their high temper and love attention. However, they should be wary of anyone who snatches their limelight. Aries and Capricorns are known for being highly intelligent, but they may be prone to insecurity.

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