Detect bot IPs is a key step to preventing severe security threats. Keeping bad bots out of your website can reduce stress on your servers, increase the quality of your user experience, and help protect sensitive data.

Bot Detection Check | Bot Protection Solution to Block Bots

Bots are automated scripts that run across the internet. They mimic human signatures, but often don’t parse JavaScript. They can also perform non-linear mouse movements. Their behavior may be unfamiliar to the human user, and can cause unexpected customer activity.

Bots can also cause high bandwidth consumption, which increases your API bills. Successful bot attacks can also affect your brand’s reputation. Detecting bot IPs is the first step to preventing a security breach.

Advanced bots need specialized techniques to identify them. These techniques include using AI and machine learning technology.

Detecting bot IPs can be done manually, or with a bot detection API. You can add a bot detection API to your site, or use it in your application. A bot detection API scores IPs in real time, and scores bot traffic as a part of the detection process.

Bots are usually identified by examining their behavior. For example, if a user experiences a spike in single-page visits, it may indicate bot activity. In addition, if an IP address hits your website more than 100x in a single day, it may be a sign that the traffic is automated. Similarly, if an IP is on a blacklist, it can indicate bot activity.

Some of the most advanced detection techniques require AI and machine learning technologies. These techniques use a dynamic Bayesian network to process user behaviour data over time.

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