Taking Good Care of Eyelash Extensions

Using eyelash extensions is a great way to add a fun pop of color. They can also elevate your natural eyelashes. However, they are also very expensive.

How do you wash your face with eyelash extensions?

If you are considering getting lash extensions, you will need to research and understand what you are getting into. In addition to getting a professional, you will also need to take good care of your new lashes. URL : https://lashesbykrissy.com.au/

Eyelash extensions last about 6-8 weeks. However, you will need to have them regularly replaced. This is normally done at a professional salon. Depending on the size of your eyes, it can take anywhere from a half hour to two hours to get them done. The cost is normally around $50.

Eyelash extensions should not be pulled or tugged. This will wear down the adhesive and cause them to fall out sooner. Instead, use a spoolie brush to dry the lashes.

The best way to clean your lashes is to use a specially designed eyelash cleaner. These cleansers have antimicrobial properties and have been proven to be safe for lash extensions.

You should also avoid oil based products like mascara. These oils can weaken the adhesive bonds holding your extensions in place.

You can also protect your lash line by using an eye cream. This should be applied to your lashes after the initial application. This is not the most sanitary way to apply eye makeup, but it can be the best way to protect them from wear and tear.

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