55 Real Estate Post Ideas for Agents

There are so many blogs, Facebook pages, websites, and articles online touting social media post ideas for real estate agents. However, not all of them work. Here are 55 Real Estate Social Media Post ideas for agents to consider, which will really help you drive more exposure, increase brand recognition, and even help you sell more homes!

Social Media Post Ideas For Real Estate Agents

Many underestimate the power of social media in regards to marketing, but social media exposure is vital when it comes to driving real estate marketing success! As a realtor, it is important that we expose our homes to as many people as possible. With the popularity of Facebook and other social media platforms, many people are searching the web to find homes to buy or to simply vacation in.

Facebook and other social media platforms are a fantastic resource for many things, but especially to advertise open houses. You can post photos of your home, talk about your home, show off your property’s amenities, talk about the area in general, and even invite guests to come and see your home! In addition, there are many groups you can join on Facebook that are dedicated to helping home buyers and sellers find local open houses. Just make sure that whatever group you join is not a sales group, and that you remain totally involved with the groups you are a part of.

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