I'm going to the Immersion Experience to help clear my head and connect

When we said we know how unique and strong this tribe of Infertility warriors is, we whole-heartedly meant it. When you find like-minded people who share the same passion as you, that’s where you feel seen and valued.

We have received anonymous, raw feedback about why attendees are taking the plunge into the Immersion Experience, and, quite frankly, their words have moved us to tears.

September cannot get here fast enough!!

There is so much good work to be done. We are ALL IN on these women because they are braveAF. They give us life and continue to remind us we are better together.

Take a moment to read, please. This is GOOD STUFF (and who knows? You may see YOURSELF in their words):


What was your initial reaction when we announced the details of the Immersion Experience?

The day I saw the post for the retreat was the day after I found out my cousin was pregnant; with her second baby. I was in a place I knew I needed healing & needed it ASAP. I thought wow, how nice would it be to be around women that actually understood what I was going through. Tears trickled down my face as I browsed through the details. I saw it included yoga, hiking, healing opportunities & I was more intrigued. Whats so incredible was that I was looking for a yoga/healing retreat to go to in September & this was in September! I thought I probably couldn’t afford it & then the cost was the final sign. My hubby & I had almost exactly the amount left for the cost of the Arizona Immersion Experience in our “baby” account (an account we had started years ago for our baby(s) turned into fertility treatment, yet had just a little left not knowing if we’d go through a frozen cycle which we’d need to save more for anyway or what) My husband said this is perfect for you, go! Transfer the money & do this for yourself.

What was your biggest hesitation with committing? How did you work to overcome this initial fear?

I’d say my biggest fear was committing to going because I get so depressed at times & tend to isolate. I’ve never been in Girl Scouts or sororities & haven’t gone away on my own. Which sounds outstanding considering I’m 39 years old! But everything about this Experience spoke to me & I just knew I needed to do this, for myself.

Where are you in your Infertility journey?

My husband & I have been trying to conceive for 5 years. We tried natural, ovulation kits, 3 IUI’s & then the word fertility specialists came into play. I panicked & was in denial. In 2017 we went through almost 4 IVF/ICSI’s with 2 completed rounds, both failed. I think I was still in shock & extremely depressed all last year... I’ve never seen 2 pink lines. This year the word surrender came to me. So that’s what I’m working on.

Where do you feel most stuck in your life these days?

In purgatory. A feeling of limbo where I don’t quite know what to do or I’m in denial that I do know but don’t want to admit it. Giving up seems like I am weak or succumbing to failing. Everyone says to not give up, so if I do then they’ll think she must not have really wanted a baby. But in my gut I know fertility treatment needs to be over. Surrendering is my practice lately even tho anxiety wriggles it’s way in there turning all my thoughts upside down, doubting myself all over again. It’s a real ride I tell ya!

What part of the weekend are you most excited about?

The yoga, hiking & trip to Sedona sound fabulous!! But I’m actually looking forward to releasing this pain & these ideas that have been gnawing at my heart strings & making the butterflies in my stomach turn into moths.

What are you hoping to get out of this weekend?

I’m really hoping to make a decision & to be okay with my decision. To truly start a new story & live a new dream.

If you could say something to another woman on the fence about joining, what words of encouragement would you give them?

Do this for YOU. Infertility can suck the life right out of you, give yourself permission to heal. You deserve this. Surrounding yourself with others who understand what you’re going though will be most beneficial.

Feeling stuck with life during or after Infertility? We get you, honey. Let's work it out together. 

Consider facing your fears head on surrounded by healing scenery and a tribe of like-minded women at the Immersion Experience in Arizona this September.