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Welcome to the Share Your Story series on InfertileAF, where we feature women and men willing to boldly share their personal insight into their diagnosis or their journey alongside Infertility.

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Carrie Hauskens

Instagram Handle: @bloomingwithcare

Age: 36


Chico, CA

Give us your quick bio:

I met my husband at a restaurant. I was the server and he was the cute customer who tipped well. We were friends for a few years and then started dating. We knew right away this was it and were married soon after. I am a teacher and my husband is a project manager. He is also a highly skilled builder and he often creates things we dream up… like our school bus turned into an RV. We love travel around with our two pit bulls.

What is your personal experience with Infertility?
We started trying 5 years ago when we got married. Around year 4 we started IVF. Our first transfer I got pregnant and then had a miscarriage. We did another transfer where I got pregnant again. This time we got to 31 weeks and thought we were in the clear. I was diagnosed with cholestasis and then right after we lost our daughter. We are now taking steps to find a surrogate for our last embryos.

At your lowest point, how did Infertility impact you?

I feel as though I am still moving through my lowest, giving birth to our stillborn daughter. This has completely changed me to my core. I am learning more about the darkness of life and that the way for me to move through it is to bring in the light. The way I (plan) to do this is by connecting with others and passing along the truth that we are not alone in this.

What was the turning point in your mindset? What helped you find happiness outside of Infertility?

The turning point was that knowing we can do hard hard things. When I was giving birth to my still born I could not believe this was my life. Labor had such a different meaning to me before. Through all of my contractions my mantra was "I can do hard things." After I held my beautiful daughter I knew I had to help others get through this and let them know that they too, can do hard things.

How have you created a fulfilled and content life with Infertility?

Living with infertility was so hard in the beginning. Soon after trying I joined a women's group and it helped me in multiple ways. I soon became the leader and started helping others. No one had infertility issues in the group, but I got a taste of what women in a circle can do for each other. I look forward to doing this with women trying to conceive.

What actions did you take to help you heal?

Specific actions I have taken came from my women's circle. I began sharing the weight life can give. This was a space to our your dirt out on the table and let others help you put it back together. Meditation has become a tool I use daily as well. The big take away though has been to share my story and try to empower others along the way.

What would you tell other people facing an Infertility diagnosis? (in lieu of the phrase "never give up")

Surround yourself with people who lift you up and inspire you to be the best version of yourself. Find times to vent and times to work on yourself... Both are valid and needed. Love yourself, and if you can't do that yet, work on ways to do so.

How do you views align with the InfertileAF Mission?

Our views align quite nicely. I have a passion for empowering women. This all can be done while nurturing our mental health and well being..

How has Infertility shaped your future self?

I hope to create a space for myself to thrive as well as other women. I see myself doing this as a fulfilling career.

What goals do you have for your future?

I plan to write a book, lead more women circles, become a meditation teacher and help people move through dark times in their lives.

~Thank you, Carrie, for sharing you amazing words with our audience. 

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