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Bigger and BoldAF: How We're Changing Up the 2020 Summit

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When we ask for your feedback it isn’t just to make you think we care about your ideas or opinions. The truth is, our company is founded on the idea that we are better together, so once we realized we’d be hosting a second summit we definitely wanted to know your thoughts and feelings on how to make the next event better.

You did not disappoint.

From pointing out ways to make the day flow more smoothly, or offering insights on how to make sure everyone feels like the content is applicable to them, last year’s summit attendees poured their guts into their after-summit surveys and we read through every single response, finding commonalities amongst requests and taking into consideration each and every thought.

The 2020 attendees are going to be pleasantly surprised by the ch-ch-changes we have in store for next year, and both founders are convinced this summit is going to be bigger and BoldAF.

So what’s new?

We thought you’d never ask. *Wink wink*

First, we’re already moving.

convention cetner.jpeg

We knew our attendees would be packed into a fully sold-out summit last year, and everyone truly adapted and accepted the space for what it is, but now that we know the potential for this thing to grow, we wanted to get more space and in a different setting.

The main room will host the featured speakers while our breakouts between speakers will be in their own separate spaces. This means you won’t have to worry about screaming over the group or group leader next to you but, instead, should have plenty of space to engage in the activities provided.

If you want to learn more about the space, check out the Donald E Stephens Convention Center website.

Second, we’re revamping our breakout sessions.

The breakout sessions were created to help us build the community and for everyone in the room to feel included. Despite the usual fears and concerns of trying something new, everyone showed up and participated in the activities. It was awesome to witness each person’s perspective on what they gleaned from these pieces, and it was also really valuable to listen to their suggestions on how to make them even more powerful.

So, the breakouts will not only be hosted in separate rooms, but there will be more than one option at each break out time. Meaning, you get to tailor the day to your own specific needs and desires. There will be a more wholistic pieces and some educational pieces with doctors and clinics. We are still working on the specifics of each of these, but you can be sure no two breakouts will be alike and YOU get to lead yourself into which ones will make you feel like the day really applied to your circumstances and needs.

Third, we’re adding two panels.

With a medical panel and an all-male panel, you’ll have the opportunity to ask the participants your burning questions.

Do you want to know what a certain doctor recommends you eat with your diagnosis?

Are you dying to find out the male perspective on their partner’s journey (or how they feel about their own diagnosis)?

Would you like to ask a guy how you can better support your struggling husband?

All of those will be options for you.

Fourth, we added a half day of events.

The overwhelming majority of attendees really liked all of last year’s content but felt overwhelmed by how much was given in one day. To make sure we had time for plenty of breaks (and to add the additional content requested), we are starting the 2020 summit on Friday and ending Saturday evening.

This will provide us a lot of flexibility to make sure you’re getting a weekend’s worth of good content without leaving with a spinning head.

But that’s not all…

Over the next several months we’ll be releasing additional information about the summit, but we don’t want to get too far ahead of ourselves yet. In fact, here’s your friendly reminder that if you want to get involved there is still a little time to:

Apply to be a speaker (closes at the end of September)

Apply to be a group leader (closes on Halloween)

Or if you don’t want that much involvement but still want to come (and love a bargain), grab your early bird ticket before the price increases (once the speakers are announced).

If you want to be one of the first to know about announcements as they come, be sure you’re on our mailing list, too (that pretty little black bar at the bottom of this page will help with this).

Phew! Lots of info for a Wednesday but we’re confident this should help get the good juju moving. Summit 2020 is in the planning/prepping/pre-partying stage, and we cannot wait to give you a high five or chest bump next April.