InfertileAF: A Revolutionary Summit

It's Time. We are live. We are ready. We are infertileAF and we will NOT be silenced.

What started out as a plan for a girls weekend among fellow Instagram infertility warriors, quickly exploded into this summit when Tia asked this one (over)caffeinated inquiry:

summit beginning.jpg

Since then, the response from YOU has been overwhelming in the absolute best possible way. Lindsay and I have been working on overdrive to get this First Annual Summit established for a community that greatly needs a new voice and direction.

Stay tuned for details regarding Registration, Venue Updates, Pricing, FAQ...and most importantly Swag and Swag Giveaways!

Let's do this ladies!!

Meet Our Founder


Principal and Co-Founder

Tia Gendusa

Tia Gendusa stepped away from fertility treatments and onto the stage as a childFREE advocate. She is driven to rally the masses to empower themselves, find their voice, and get uncomfortable to grow and thrive in this wild roller-coaster of life. Tia has lived with worry and doubt, stumbled through losses, walked with grief and found the strength to brush herself off, fix her make-up and move forward fearlessly. She took back her power after IVF and is forging a new, non-mom life with anyone that chooses to walk with her. She will share her experiences at @mstiagendusa. Her perspective is a breath of hilarious fresh air and a reminder that you are not alone.

Meet Our Founder


Principal and Co-Founder

Lindsay Fischer

Lindsay Fischer is reinventing herself right now. Yep, as you read this she's redefining how she shows up as a trauma wrestler; a hot-headed, imperfect human; and an IVF and abuse survivor. It's not easy work but it's worth it. So far, it's gotten her through every hard day she's ever faced. She's passionate about helping you show up for yourself, too. You'll soon be able to read her words on her new site Until then, you can check out her two best-selling and award-winning books: The House on Sunset and The Two Week Wait Challenge. Ask her to explain herself in two words and she'll reply, "It's complicated."