Welcome to the new and a BIG announcement!

Isn’t she fancy? was in dire need of a grown-up face lift, so we got to work making a good one! Grab a cocktail and take a look around!

If you’re interested in Sharing your Story on our blog, we have a brand spanking new form HERE with fun new questions!

If you want to learn more about us, Tia and Lindsay, as Principals of InfertileAF, head HERE!

If you want to BE BOLD and snag your seat to the Immersion Experience next month, check out the streamlined registration form HERE!

If you want to share the stage with us at next year’s summit, apply to be a speaker HERE! (hint: applications are being accepted for 2 more months!)

Speaking of next year’s summit, how about we spill some deets about 2020!?

Let’s start with this…





The best part? Because we are anticipating 400 women and men in attendance, and we KNOW just how obsessed you were with the first summit, we are opening up early-bird ticket sales NEXT MONTH!

There will be a set limit of 100 early-bird tickets for sale starting September 1, 2019

These tickets will sell for $99. They grant you access to the entire summit, all speakers, break-out sessions, entry to the giveaway table, and vendor booths.

PLUS! We will also have an extremely limited number of add-on VIP tickets for a private dinner with the InfertileAF founders! This is a highly personal meet and greet opportunity. The cost of the VIP ticket includes your dinner and drinks for the evening. Dinner will be the Friday, April 17th, 2020. The price for each VIP ticket is $120.

Those on our Mailing List will be the ONLY people with access to our Early Bird and VIP ticket sales.

Once they’re gone, they’re gone!

Can’t attend next year’s summit but looking for a way to connect with like-minded fertility warriors in a private setting on a beautiful oasis?

Reserve your seat at our Immersion Experience next month!

Meet Our Founder


Principal and Co-Founder

Tia Gendusa

Tia Gendusa stepped away from fertility treatments and onto the stage as a childFREE advocate. She is driven to rally the masses to empower themselves, find their voice, and get uncomfortable to grow and thrive in this wild roller-coaster of life. Tia has lived with worry and doubt, stumbled through losses, walked with grief and found the strength to brush herself off, fix her make-up and move forward fearlessly. She took back her power after IVF and is forging a new, non-mom life with anyone that chooses to walk with her. She will share her experiences at @mstiagendusa. Her perspective is a breath of hilarious fresh air and a reminder that you are not alone.

Meet Our Founder


Principal and Co-Founder

Lindsay Fischer

Lindsay Fischer is reinventing herself right now. Yep, as you read this she's redefining how she shows up as a trauma wrestler; a hot-headed, imperfect human; and an IVF and abuse survivor. It's not easy work but it's worth it. So far, it's gotten her through every hard day she's ever faced. She's passionate about helping you show up for yourself, too. You'll soon be able to read her words on her new site Until then, you can check out her two best-selling and award-winning books: The House on Sunset and The Two Week Wait Challenge. Ask her to explain herself in two words and she'll reply, "It's complicated."