Narcotics Anonymous Meetings in the Bronx, New York

na meetings bronx

If you live in Bronx, New York, you may want to find out about na meetings bronx. Narcotics Anonymous is a fellowship that brings drug users together with the same goal: to stop using substances that cause harm. These meetings help those who are looking to stop using substances to support each other through the process.

You Will Need To Keep In Mind

The Bronx is one of the five boroughs in New York City, located at the northernmost part of the city. It is known for its hip-hop culture, sports, and the famed Bronx Zoo, but it has also been the home of a growing drug epidemic. Opiate abuse has increased nationwide in the last five years, and the drug has been a serious problem in the Bronx since the 1960s. Last year, more than 1,379 people in New York died of opiate overdoses.

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