Be Bold & Share Your Story!

Want to be featured on the InfertileAF Website? Here is how!

InfertileAF invites anyone with an infertility story to participate in our Weekly Success Beyond the Plus Sign blog campaign. Our interview campaign is created to:

  1. Give infertility warriors a safe platform to share their stories and solutions/ideas on how they rebuilt their lives and healed/are healing. — -and-

  2. Give women and men currently experiencing infertility, ideas, inspiration and hope to overcome the trauma of infertility, know there is light at the tunnel, and a fulfilled life is attainable no matter which path they choose.

We feature weekly interviews on InfertileAF's blog throughout the year. The focus of the interviews would be on how women and men rise above their diagnosis to live their best lives. Submissions are open in any part of the world. Please complete the included questionnaire to submit your story. If your interview is selected for publication, we will contact you before the post goes live. (Incomplete questionnaires will not be accepted.)

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