Infertility can wreak havoc on every part of your life, not just reproduction, but there are ways to tackle these heartbreaking problems.
Start by seeking out others who have already overcome them.
By doing this, you can unlock powerful change in your own life. 

Do you ever feel like you need help speaking out and finding confidence with your diagnosis?

Do you want to feel better, both with your infertility and beyond?

Do you want guidance and support to help reveal a more fulfilled life?

Consider the Immersion Experience your launch pad.

InfertileAF is hosts a small group of women twice a year who are motivated to ditch the fear and anxiety associated with infertility, identify their individual sticking points and unleash their power, all supported by a sisterhood that wants the same things as you: CHANGE.


Lindsay is…

the empath with a penchant for finding the good in everyone and helping them believe in their own abilities. Lindsay will leverage your strengths and show you the power in your voice so you can show up in the world as you want.


Tia is…

the literal goal-creator and goal-crusher to help people get out of your past and into your future. She will help you shift your focus and help use your present to map out possibility.

Together, we'll:

  • Identify the underlying issue to your surface level problem related to infertility

  • Empathize. We get it. We've been there #InfertilityWarrior

  • Strategize alternatives from illogical thinking regarding roadblocks with your diagnosis

  • Create a new routine and set attainable goals

  • Get your body and mind moving

You'll walk away feeling:

  • Heard: to use your voice in a powerful way in every day interactions

  • Seen: to stand tall and proud in both your decisions and conversations

  • Validated: there's nothing like surrounding yourself with 24 other women who understand exactly where you are

  • Relaxed: Yes, there is a lot of hard work, but there's also downtime to enjoy yourself, have a glass of wine or nap and reflect.

  • Determined: Using our tools for knowledge and support, you will depart Scottsdale with your best foot forward.

  • Empowered: three immersive days will jump-start your confidence to start implementing changes in your daily life.

Each Immersion Experience hosts 10 women to partake in:

  • Coaching and Wellness

  • Yoga and Meditation

  • Guidance and Support

surrounded by natural beauty in a private oasis with like-minded women



If you find yourself stuck with trauma stemming from infertility; you seeing this is not a coincidence. It’s time to take back your power, experience breakthroughs, feel validated and gain confidence.

Let's lean into the discomfort about what you might not know and say YES to this experience.

It’s time to invest in your mental health

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