What Is Microblading?


Microblading is a procedure that uses tiny hair-like strokes to create a natural fill for thin eyebrows. The quality of the result depends on how well the procedure is done. A microblading session will take about two hours. Afterward, your eyebrows will be slightly darker for a few days. During this time, avoid getting your eyebrows wet, and use a microblading face shield if you plan to wash your hair frequently.

Microblading Face Shield If You Plan To Wash Your Hair Frequently

Unlike conventional tattoos, microblading is painless. Before the procedure, a topical gel is applied to the skin to numb it. After the skin has been broken, a trained esthetician will apply a topical gel to keep the area numb. The esthetician will monitor your comfort level to ensure your comfort. If you’re nervous, you can even take a class to learn how to perform this procedure.

Microblading costs anywhere from $400 to $1,400. You can save money by choosing a technician with experience and a good reputation. Make sure to use sunscreen after the procedure to prevent the eyebrows from fading. Touch-ups may be required four to eight weeks after the procedure and occasionally after a year. It is important to visit your esthetician regularly to ensure the results last. It is possible to ask for a before and after picture.

Before the procedure, a topical anesthetic or injection is applied to the area. The area is then cleaned with alcohol and the microblading tip is inserted into a handle. The pigment is placed in different directions. After the procedure, excess pigment is removed with a saline wipe. You will need to avoid touching the area for about 48 hours following the procedure. When you return home, you should wash your face to avoid exposing the skin to harsh chemicals and irritants.

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